Hinsdale Lighting Services

Hinsdale Lighting offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you are selecting fixtures for a few rooms, developing a whole-house lighting scheme for your custom home or commercial property, or lighting your landscaping and exterior, we can help.

Read below for a description of the types of appointments we provide:

Lighting Fixture Selection

Sorting through the endless options of fixture types, sizes, styles, and finishes can be a daunting task. Working with a lighting artist can save you time and frustration when selecting lighting fixtures. We ask the right questions to reveal your lighting goals and your unique style. Our designers then provide a curated fixture selection process that saves you time and focuses on your specific needs.

A Lighting Fixture Selection appointment is right when you need help finding the perfect light for just one or two spaces. Our designers will consider existing or proposed design elements to help you select a light that is the correct scale and proportion for your project. The goal is to find the fixtures that properly illuminate your space and while creating the energy and mood that reflects your style.

We provide an estimate that includes pricing and dimensions for all fixtures. Vendor part numbers will be released upon receipt of deposit. Photocopies will be released only upon request.

No rough electrical plan changes, additions, or omissions will be given or suggested. This service does not include recessed, cabinetry, or specialty lighting design.

Fee: Lighting Fixture Selection appointments are done in increments of 90 minutes or less. We charge a $125 design fee. This fee can be applied to your product purchase within 10 days of your appointment.

Recessed Lighting Plan Review

If a building project involves recessed lighting, our designers can perform a comprehensive evaluation of the architect’s recessed lighting plan. We review all areas of the home’s recessed lighting plan. We consider the needs of the homeowner and evaluate the overall lighting objective, including ambient light sources and accent lighting. Changes will be made in regard to location, quantity, control, and specific product specification.

The Recessed Lighting Plan Review first requires an initial meeting to focus on the objectives of the homeowner and the architectural style of the home. A conceptual plan is drawn to outline the objectives of the project. At the following meeting the conceptual plan is reviewed. Then a finished draft will be made for the final “walk-through” and approval.

Hinsdale Lighting can also provide each product specified in the Recessed Lighting Plan. A quote will be available and revised throughout the review and design procedure. A detailed product list and fixture schedule will be released when plan is finalized.

Recessed Review can be done in conjunction with the Lighting Fixture Selection, but due to the timing of the phases of construction, Recessed Review must be a priority.

The Recessed Review is available for $100.00 per hour. The average time to review a 5000 square foot home’s recessed plan is 5 hours for the conceptual plan and 4 hours for the final draft and product specification. Additional design time may apply if there are more detailed architectural features or for larger square footage homes.

A $500.00 retainer is due to begin and the balance is due (including overages) before the final plan is released.

Custom Home Lighting Design and Electrical Review

Hinsdale Lighting can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the architect’s electrical and lighting plan throughout the entire home. The complete electrical plan is evaluated by a team made up of a CLS Lighting Designer/Licensed Electrician and a Decorative Lighting Designer. (Question, what is a CLS lighting designer? Is the CLS Lighting Designer “also” the licensed electrician? The acronym should be defined on first use.) This process covers the following aspects of lighting your new home: mechanical considerations, decorative fixture locations, cabinetry and special lighting, recessed lighting, and control options.

The first step is to review the mechanical components of the functional electrical system. Some of the items considered are placement and location of interior and exterior receptacles and specification of dedicated circuits. The Mechanical Component review also considers specialty specifications such as chandelier lifts and key switch locations. Bathroom ventilation systems and control options are specified as well.

The Decorative Fixture Location component of this service reviews the locations of ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and exterior fixtures. In this process, we identify the location of each decorative fixture as it relates to the architectural style of the home, the functional light that the fixture provides, the purpose of the room, and the homeowners’ tastes. Junction boxes for decorative fixtures will be relocated, deleted, or added as needed. If necessary, special junction boxes for heavy or custom lighting fixtures are specified as well as flexible “whips” for floating wall sconces or dedicated picture lights.

Cabinetry and Specialty Lighting covers a range of lighting products that are both functional and serve as architectural accents. We design cabinetry lighting that enhances the usability of spaces such as kitchens, garages, and storage areas. We also consider the impact lighting has on overlooked areas such as steps, displays. and coves.

Control Review covers the location and layering of the operational component of the lighting system. We specify switching and dimming components as well as room control systems. Smart home controls are coordinated in conjunction with the AV Contractor. We can recommend sometimes overlooked options to meet the homeowners’ needs, such as photo-cell operation, timers, and door jamb (do I have the right tem and spelling here, door jamb?) switches.

As part of the Custom Home Lighting Design and Electrical Review, the Recessed Review process is included in its entirety.

The Complete Home Lighting Design and Electrical Review service is billed at $1.00 per square foot or $175.00 per hour. These charges are for drafting and design time. Necessary site visits incur no additional charges when the site is located in DuPage County or Suburban Cook County.


Landscape lighting is usually the last phase of your new construction project. Although it may be specified in the architectural phase, it will not be installed until the final landscaping is in. The architectural phase or rough electrical phase would be the ideal time to specify locations of outdoor outlets in inconspicuous areas to power the lighting system transformers.

Our training with the American Lighting Association has prepared us to offer you a superior landscape lighting plan to compliment your home’s architectural and landscape features. A professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system has multiple benefits including adding a dramatic nighttime beauty to your property. First and foremost, key architectural features of the home and landscaping features are brought to life by precise illumination. We use a variety of inconspicuous fixtures to create a natural, yet dramatic effect. Lastly, we enhance the safety and security of your home by illuminating steps, walkways, paths and driveways.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer at no charge a nighttime demonstration so you can see your system in full operation before purchase. Our fixtures are solid copper and brass and carry a lifetime warranty. They are well suited to the climate extremes of Chicago and are far superior to the plastic and aluminum fixtures used by other landscape lighting installers.

Call or visit the showroom to set up an in-home appointment to learn more about how landscape lighting will enhance the beauty and security of your home.

As a final benefit and convenience to our landscape lighting customers, if we install your lighting system we also offer a comprehensive service plan that will keep your system operating at full capacity year round with virtually no lamp outages.