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Let Hinsdale Lighting’s design team navigate you through the complexities of lighting your commercial space. By drawing on our 15+ years of experience, we help you identify the right products to light your space while also considering technological advances, controls and ever-changing building codes.

We offer beginning to end consultation and advice regarding the electrical plan, placements, products, design, and ultimately, the highest customer service. We understand lighting for every task and have the design skill to make it beautiful.

Design Expertise

Listening to your needs is our highest priority. Performance, Budget and Maintenance all play a role in creating a lighting system that reflects your company’s style.

Technical Expertise 

We understand the technical aspects of lighting all types of commercial spaces (office, retail, restaurant, manufacturing, storage, and so on.) We consider and evaluate every technical detail and anticipate issues to ensure a trouble-free execution of your lighting solution.

As a ComEd certified Energy Efficiency Service Provider (EESP), we consult with contractors and business owners on the ways in which their project may be supported by the ComEd Energy rebate program. We ensure your job is compliant and process the paperwork for the rebates.

Our team has the experience, creativity, technical knowledge, and the products to make your project a success. 

Work with Us

If you are working on a new construction project, a remodel, or are considering a ComEd Efficiency project, our highly trained lighting designers look forward to working with you.

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